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About the restaurant

Choyhona Belmesi is located on a picturesque inner balcony of a restaurant complex in a historical building of hotel Iset. If you ask us to describe the concept of the restaurant in just a few words, we would say «Delicious, you are Welcome!»

Start off with plov (an Uzbek version of the pilaff) with raisins or barberries and a hot tender flatbread with a crunchy Achichuk onion salad. Order lagman on a rich broth with homemade noodles and a veal kebab with broadtail. Don’t forget to try the hot, succulent samsa with sweet tea, as served by Uzbek tradition. We especially recommend yakhshi-choy, for which our barmen infuse lemons with sugar for 24 hours. The taste of this beverage turns out very saturated and rich.

For long feasts at Belmesi we placed wide tables and comfortable vintage couches. In charge of bringing the perfect atmosphere to the place is our talisman — big parrot Aladdin.

For admirers of history

Most likely, the gastronomical traditions of the Middle East began to make their way in the Urals long before the first Russian settlements, but became widespread only 150 years ago when the Russian Empire conquered the Turkestan Samarkand and Tashkent. The next wave of Uzbek cuisine fell onto the Soviet 1950s: publishers issued the first collections of eastern recipes and restaurants working with the Fergana and Bukhara traditions were opened in Moscow.

Uzbek cuisine was introduced in Ekaterinburg spontaneously and in the 90s was mostly present in small diners in one-story wooden houses and only later did the first conceptual places appear.

In 2004 an eastern dining room was opened in the historical restaurant Uralskye Pelmeni where the Uzbek cuisine was served on that same balcony the Belmesi restaurant resides at now after reconstruction.


The most important elements of a good Uzbek restaurant are experienced chefs, national products and following time-honored traditions. Belmesi receives all of the legendary kinds of the devzira and lazar rice from Uzbekistan, as well as the popular spices such as cumin, hot pepper, saffron, anise, barberry — in other words everything for the perfect thick soups, pilaffs and Uzbek kebabs.

Specifically for Belmesi we changed the architecture of the kitchen and added two tandoors to the modern chef’s equipment, which cooks flatbreads and samsa non-stop.


Head chef

Bakhrom Sattorov came to Ekaterinburg from an old Ferghan city of Quva, where the traditions of markets and choyhona exist for more than 10 centuries. Bakhrom is a skilled choyhona master and a great connoisseur of the national cuisine. He brought the best specialists on flatbreads, meat and thick soups to Belmesi.


Club cards

Belmesi always welcomes guests! Those who visit us frequently have the opportunity to get special club cards and receive delicious gifts:

  • On Mondays flavoured coffee of your choise

  • On Tuesdays — the drink of the day

  • On Wednesdays card holders can get the glass of our beer

  • On Thursdays — homemade wine

  • On Friday evenings infusions of your choise

  • Specialty tea on Saturdays

  • Any dessert served as a compliment on the sweetest day that is Sunday

The compliments are not active during lunchtime and delivery. However, you can still receive a nice bonus — if your delivery order exceeds 2500 Rubles we give a bottle of wine absolutely free.

In addition, cardholders are invited to wine tastings and to try outs of our seasonal menu updates, to events for children and adults and birthday celebrations.

Our services and conditions constantly changing and updating. Be sure to follow our news!

to get discounts, and to keep abreast of the news

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